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Updating Gaza And Isreal: Israeli FM Confronted At National Press Club (More)

Updating Gaza And Isreal:  Israeli FM Confronted At National Press Club (More)

Israeli FM confronted at National Press Club
Journalists' microphones turned off when Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni challenged in Washington. 


Israeli FM confronted at National Press Club Israeli Foreign Minister Smacked Around At The National Press Club


Just as Israel has bombed a hospital and a UN compound in Gaza, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni came to Washington, in the dying days of the Bush administration, to sign a new US-Israel agreement barring Hamas from rearming. Meeting with journalists, she had the right to say whatever she wanted about Israel's "war on terror", while paying lip service to civilian Palestinian victims. Journalists for their part were systematically prevented from asking legitimate questions. Pepe Escobar argues that when it comes to media supremacy, at least inside the US, Israel will accept nothing but the upper hand.



The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times lead, and the New York Times off-leads, with word of Israel's unilateral cease-fire, declared late Saturday. Israeli soldiers remain in Gaza nonetheless, and Hamas has asserted that it will keep fighting until the troops leave. More than 1,200 people have died during 22 days of airstrikes and ground assaults, and much of the Gaza Strip has been obliterated in the process.


After more than three weeks of fighting, but he also said that Israeli troops would continue fighting if Hamas failed to put down its weapons. The tenuous cease-fire followed a day of heavy Israeli bombardment and criticism from the United Nations after an Israeli attack killed two young brothers (ages 5 and 7) in a U.N. school. TheLAT frames the cease-fire as an Israeli decision to start out on good footing with Barack Obama when he is takes office on Tuesday, but Israeli citizens and military experts alike express skepticism that it will hold. At a summit in Egypt today, hosted by the Presidents of Egypt and France, representatives from the U.S., the U.N., and other nations will discuss reconstruction efforts in the Gaza Strip and endeavor to prevent weapons smuggling into that region.


Israel Declares Cease-Fire In Gaza | Hamas Warns Of Ongoing Resistance


Saying Hamas is 'badly beaten,' Olmert orders unilateral cease-fire

By Richard Boudreaux

The Israeli prime minister says forces will stay in Gaza for now. Hamas threatens to keep fighting until they are gone.


The Real News Network: The war and Israeli opinion Pts 1&2


Gaza Lives In Ruins 

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