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Report Names 30 Bush Officials Complicit In Torture. Gaza Death Toll Mounts. When Will The World Refuse To Tolerate Evil?


Report Names 30 Bush Officials Complicit In Torture. Gaza Death Toll Mounts. When Will The World Refuse To Tolerate Evil?





How Will Blagojevich Defend Himself in Court?
Genson and Fitzgerald have already been trading jabs in the legal back-and-forth during the
impeachment proceedings and in the run-up to the indictment. ...
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Establishing a Truth Commission for Guantanamo
Huffington Post - New York,NY,USA
On a positive note, House 
Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) recently introduced a National Commission on Presidential War Powers and Civil ...
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En Tequila Es Verdad: Happy Hour Discurso
And yet, here we have Dick "Nobody Could've Seen It Coming" Cheney, trying to convince us that all of the catastrophes that happened on the Bush regime's watch were totally and completely unpredictable:...
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"Open Letter to the Attorneys General"
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
It is a Historic Damn Shame that the
 Bush Gang will not be impeached during these last few days of their tenure. 1} There is NO Statute of Limitations on ...
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OpEdNews » Effective Activism and the Feeling of Ineffectiveness
That same activist also marched the
 election reform proposal to a house party in which Kucinichwas in attendance, dropping the proposal into Kucinich's lap. Kucinich, in turn, liked the idea and wanted to get it penned into law. ...
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Bush, Aides, Rejected Anti-Torture Warnings
President Bush and his top aides received numerous warnings that their torture policies were war crimes, but ignored them. Here's Report that will be basis of Complaint submitted to the Obama Administration in near future.


Gaza Iraq Afghanistan Congo Oakland: Is The Killing EVER Going To Stop?
All this killing and killing and killing -- I really can't stand it any more. Why is it still happening? This is the 21st century, damn it, and we are still acting like cavemen. Why would ANYONE want to kill another living human being? How can the human race even think about continuing to kill and kill and kill each other? What drives a man to take the life of another man? And will ANY of it ever have been worth it? No.


Joe Klein: The Bush Administration's Most Despicable Act
"This is not the America I know," Bush said after the first, horrifying pictures of US troops torturing prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq surfaced in April 2004. The President was not telling the truth. It was his single most callous and despicable act. It stands at the heart of the national embarrassment that was his presidency.


What You'd Know About Israel If You Watched Al Jazeera TV
Israel, America's staunch ally, isn't allowing journalists to enter Gaza while Al Jazeera, called anti-American and pro-terrorist by many in Washington, is the only network broadcasting live images from Gaza to the world. While others can only balance pundits with more pundits, Al Jazeera has been taking the viewer to the scene to weigh the words of politicians against the reality on the ground.


Kucinich Speaks Out Against Congress' Blind Support of Israel
By Staff, Rep. Dennis Kucinich
"We must take a new direction in the Middle East. 
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See Brit Tzedek’s Resource Page on the Israel-Gaza Crisis


Read the Israeli media: (Haaretz); (Jerusalem Post)


Peace Groups Lose First Major Gaza Challenge On Capitol Hill


Obama Rolls Out Blair, Panetta; Vows 'No Exceptions' to US Values
By Spencer Ackerman, Firedoglake
"We must adhere to our values diligently and with no exceptions." --Barack Obama
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Note to PEBO: This “Prosecute the Torturers” Issue isn’t Going to Go Away (Part I)


What to Do About the Torturers?


Yes We Can Unpardon War Criminals


Cheney’s a Liar, He Knew, He Helped Cause It |
Cheney didn’t see the financial crisis coming like he couldn’t believe there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The ONLY REAL reason Dick did not see it coming was because that would be like admitting the Bush Administration ... -


On January 19th, we're going to gather in DuPont Circle, march to the
White House, and throw shoes and boots at you. Check out to see what we have planned.

On January 20th, we have a permit for an Arrest Bush demonstration on
the sidewalk in front of the FBI building along Obama's inauguration
parade route. We're going to be sending a clear message to your
successor. Take a look at

The Difficulty Of Being An Informed American
Americans addicted to print media must turn to alternative newspapers, which tend to be weekly or bi-weekly. However, the news and commentary provided are often superb. The function of the "mainstream media" is to sell products and to brainwash the audience for the government and interest groups. By subscribing to it, Americans support their own brainwashing. 

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