Monday, January 19, 2009

The Hours Are Drawing Down But That Does Not Diminish The Fact That We Ought To Arrest Bush

The Hours Are Drawing Down But That Does Not Diminish The Fact That We Ought To Arrest Bush



Martin Luther King, Jr.'S Last Speech


MLK: Why I Cannot Be Silent
By Martin Luther King, Jr., AlterNet
As we face possible military escalation in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere, King's speech against the Vietnam war is more relevant than ever. Read more »


Rove suggests: Pelosi wants to investigate me
Raw Story - Cambridge,MA,USA
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told Fox News on Sunday that she hopes to see investigations of possible Bush administration misdeeds. ...
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1/19: Pelosi Makes Waves
National Journal, DC - 25 minutes ago
Liberal bloggers are buzzing about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's appearance on Fox News Sunday, in which she said that she is open to pursuing investigations ...


Speaker Pelosi Proclaims Possible Impeachment
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
Today, on Fox News, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, the only person who could, the woman who for so long would not, stated, she is Open to the ...
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The Bushies Stole Us Blind ... So, How'd You Like Your Beer?
AlterNet, CA - 10 hours ago
By David Michael Green, AlterNet. Posted January 19, 2009. The insane adventure in national suicide known as the Bush administration is at last coming to an ...


Bush Cannot be Allowed to Get Away With What He's Done to America
TPMCafé, NY - 2 hours ago
I'm in total agreement with Obama's sentiment that it's time for America to heel itself and move forward, but I certainly hope he's not so fixated on that ...


ACTION ALERT: Boot Bush Rally and March; Sage Cleansing Monday ...
OpEdNews, PA - 1 hour ago
by Tommy News Page 1 of 2 page(s) Cowardly Dubya Bush, as usual, has fled from the White House and gone into hiding at Camp David, Maryland this weekend ...



Final Days: Jon Stewart Tears into President Bush | PEEK | AlterNet
Yes the Bush cabal trashed the US Constitution and our nation. But holy crap! Pelosi and Reid took our Constitution and impeachment of Bush off the table. When will Jon stop giving them a pass? Will Jon keep looking the other way when ... Corporate Accountabilit... -


Krispy Kreme to Give Out Inaugural Donuts; Right-Wingers Go Nuts
By Steve Benen, Washington Monthly
The far-right fringe is on hair-trigger alert these days, and I doubt this will be the last hysterical overreaction. Read more »


Israel Prepares Post-War Battle for Public Opinion
By Faiz Shakir, Think Progress
Welfare Minister Isaac Herzog said Israel is aiming to prevent an "over-dramatization of the facts." Read more »



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