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A Bar Stool View Of This Moment In American History: We Haven’t Digested What It All Means: Possibilities, Hope, Change, Opportunity, Restoration

A Bar Stool View Of This Moment In American History: We Really Haven’t Digested What It All Means: Possibilities, Hope, Change, Opportunity, Restoration!



Remember That Sam Adams Planned Many Things On A Bar Stool In Boston!

"The action I am taking is no more than a radical measure to hasten the explosion of truth and justice. I have but one passion: to enlighten those who have been kept in the dark, in the name of humanity which has suffered so much and is entitled to happiness. My fiery protest is simply the cry of my very soul. Let them dare, then, to bring me before a court of law and let the enquiry take place in broad daylight!"

- Emile Zola, J'accuse! (1898) –


Beyond all the standard punditry and hyperbole, the euphoria and hope there are some real changes that have taken place that if Americans will only seize the moment; we can have the paradigm shift in this nation that is both needed and satisfy what is a visceral, instinctual undefined hunger for change.  It will take awhile but soon the analysts will come to understand that when Ted Kennedy in his endorsement of Barack Obama said : ”The Torch has been passed.”; it really has been.  Yes this is generational shift; Yes the shift represents the intricacies of a significant demographic shift, but more; the change is a much a schism with  “The Old Guard”, as surely as the Election of Andrew Jackson slammed the door of the first class of Americans leaders who had given birth to this nation.


Barack Obama’s challenges are Rooseveltian in proportion, perhaps worse, but he rides tide modernity and a wave of change that is Jacksonian in proportions. It is a moment when Americans can take back their nation if they can only get off the sofa and shake off the years of apathy, fear and silence.




Obama Sworn In As 44th President, Calls on Nation To Remake America


A Bar Stool View of This Moment in American History


Obama's Inaugural Address: A Bad-Weather Speech for Bad-Weather Times


Conflict in Gaza Strip Presents Immediate Challenge for New President





Few Protesters at Inauguration
New York Times - United States
“This action is of course a catharsis for folks who have watched in dismay as Bush and Cheney leave office with no impeachment proceedings, ...
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Muslim Inaugural Fete Looks to a New Era

Kenny Cather stood out at the Muslim Inaugural Celebration on Monday night. Tall and blond-haired, he was the first to admit he looked a little out of the ordinary at such a gathering. But that didn’t matter to him. This wasn’t the first time he had been a minority.

Cather spent several months last year in Youngstown, Ohio, canvassing for Barack Obama’s campaign. The Rust Belt city has a large black population and is plagued by high crime and unemployment, he said, and people didn’t welcome him with open arms when he first knocked on their doors. Once they found out he was stumping for Obama, though, it was a different story.

“I got hugged. I got invited to dinner,” he said. “One woman said to me, ‘I never thought I’d see a day when a white man was campaigning for a black man to be president,’ and she had tears in her eyes when she said it.”

The Obama love was flowing so freely in Youngstown that local gang members even escorted Cather door to door to make sure he was safe, once they found out why he was in the area.

But his dedication to Obama’s candidacy wasn’t the only thing Cather brought to urban Ohio. After converting to Islam from Christianity in 2004, Cather said he became “more aware of the prejudices against Muslims.” In Youngstown, he broke through stereotypes by showing people he was a white man who not only supported a black candidate for president, but was Muslim as well.

“I would be talking to people and it’s like, ‘Oh, those crazy Muslims live over there,’” he said. “Well, no, they live here, too. You just never see them, never talk to them.”

So it was doubly sweet for Cather to be gathered Monday at the Thurgood Marshall Center on 12th Street Northwest for the Muslim Inauguration Celebration. For Cather, it was an opportunity to welcome Obama’s impending inauguration as well as what many see as the dawning of a new era for the Muslim community.

Obama’s election has “opened the dialogue a lot already,” Cather said. “It’s humanizing Muslims.”….


Camus Cafe Political Coffee House: HAIL TO THE NEW CHIEF
By Ed. Dickau 
If Bush And Cheney Leave Office Without Follow Up ... Torture, Impeachment, Prosecution, A Department Of... Is the Problem with Finger-Pointing That We're Using... Eric Holder Confirmation Hearing Deserves Our Attention. ...
Camus Cafe Political Coffee House -


URBAN JOURNAL: Do we just move on?
Rochester City Newspaper - Rochester,NY,USA
Over the past several years, there have been calls for the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney. Surely there were plenty of grounds for it, but Democrats in ...
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On White House Website, Change Has Begun
Hartford Courant, United States - 29 minutes ago
By JIM PUZZANGHERA | Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON - The Internet-age has spawned a new inaugural tradition -- the incoming president wiping the ..


Reality: America and Americans Invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam ...
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
America, not Bush, not Cheney, not the people these two pathetic creatures took orders from, not future presidents who will have similar pressures upon them ...
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Colin Powell Praises Obama, Burns Bush
By Steve Benen, Washington Monthly
Powell has some fairly devastating criticism of W. Read more »


SDCDP Friends: Demand investigations of BushCheney, Gonzalez ...
By MThaller 
cf. the articles of impeachment read into the record of Rep. Dennis Kucinich at the very least, the Senate should censure. BushCheney, et al and make it permanent on the record without the possibility of expungement. ...
SDCDP Friends -


After the Party, Obama Has One Long To-Do List
Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have said that the United States does not torture. But Cheneyhas admitted publicly that a technique known as waterboarding - which simulates drowning - was administered to three detainees. Bush Administration officials ... Impeachment investigation ahead forBush and Cheney? RICHARD RALPH ROEHL commented on: Impeachment investigation ahead forBush and Cheney? If we fail to prosecute George W. Bush and other members of his evil. ...
RINF Alternative News Media:... -


Open Letter to President Elect Barack Obama American Armageddon
Those laws bind you to prosecute violations, including torture and other war crimes of which Bush,Cheney, and their subordinates are guilty and which Bush is likely to try to pardon. ... year tradition in which no man can sit in judgment of himself, and the fact that James Madison and George Mason argued that the reason we needed the impeachment power was that a president might some day try to pardon someone for a crime that he himself was involved in. ...
American Armageddon -


And Now The Hate From the right.


Flopping Aces Blog Archive Obama’s Inauguration Speech Fails ...
They brought their signs calling for the arrest and impeachment of President Bush and Vice PresidentCheney. They boo’ed and hissed. They sang ‘Na-na na na, na-na na na, Goodbye!” and did so with the opposite of best ...
Flopping Aces -


Limbaugh: ‘I Hope Obama Fails’»

Limbaugh Hates America: Hopes Our Country Fails 
By Steve Benen, Washington Monthly
This is the opposite of patriotism. Read more »


U.S. Soldiers Are Pumped About Obama
By Paul the Spud, Shakesville
"He is our new commander in chief, and we will serve him with honor." Read more »

There were cheers, whoops of joy and loud applause at U.S. military bases in Afghanistan today as soldiers welcomed in their new commander in chief, President Barack Obama.

Soldiers at Camp Phoenix, a mainly U.S. base on the outskirts of Kabul, stood at attention as they watched a live television transmission of Obama take the oath in Washington.

"It's a proud moment for us," said Brig. Gen. Steven Huber, commander of the base, where many of the soldiers hail from Illinois -- Obama's home state.

"He is our new commander in chief, and we will serve him with honor," Huber said. Live feeds of the ceremony were watched at other bases across Afghanistan, where roughly 32,000 U.S. soldiers lead an international effort to fight a Taliban-led insurgency and rebuild the local security forces.

But... but... but... Fox News said that the troops don't like Obama! Wow.


Never thought I'd see the day conservatives would promote misinformation.



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