Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This Land Despairing Into A Depression

Is It Any Wonder That Most America’s Concede That Their Government Is Totally Corrupt And All They Ask Is That It Not Screw Them Personally While They Pillaging Our Tax Money And Sucking Up To K Street.



The other day I was involved in a troubling conversation, and I call it troubling because the other half was determined to get me to calm down, forget about it and “go with the flow”.  It was his opinion that Americans have no real expectations of their government, just the hope that it won’t “Fuck” things up like they are now…”too often”.  My luncheon guest was attempting to have me accept the fact that American expectation lower by the day and while everyone is excited by a new face…Obama…that all they can hope for is that he does a better job than Bush.  If he is correct; then just how much lower can expectations drop?  I shudder to think that there is a lower level!


But he was right in many regards.  Bush and Cheney are criminals running around loose and Bush has the right to pardon all the rest of the Bush Gang, and as I was told: “You can bet he will.”  The bailout is evolving into an ineffective final plundering by corporate America before their beloved Bush walks away.  We can point our fingers in every direction placing blame for the malaise that infects this country, but in the final analysis the fault falls squarely on the shoulders of “We The People”.  We have allowed ourselves to become divided and impotent.  We have permitted all manner of abuse, tolerated, accepted the violation of every law of land and we have not raised up to right the ship of state.  Comfortable with “enough”; we have permitted our manipulation and the creep of Fascism.  It has been just too much trouble to do more, for the majority.


It has been convenient to take the position of peaceful change brought about by others in our name.  We have failed; they too few in number have likewise failed and now we fumble through the economic collapse that has befallen the world believing somehow that the criminals and the incompetents in government will somehow muddle through it all in good time and things will be well again.  Well, here we go again….the blind leading the blind in a fools paradise.


"Is This A Private Fight, Or Can Anyone Join?"
-Old Irish Saying-


Governor's wife supported his pay-to-play Senate scheme, complaint alleges

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If Gov. Rod Blagojevich deserves impeachment, so did Pres. Bush
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
If some are calling for Blagojevich’s impeachment, it was both Bush and Cheney who truly deserved it. If some feel that Blagojevich should go to prison if ...
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Congressman denounces ‘classic bait and switch’


Fed Weighs Debt Sales of Its Own


A Closed Guantanamo Prison Camp




Torturing Democracy

The Documentary PBS Does Not Want You to See Before Jan 21, 2009

Video and Transcript

"Torturing Democracy" is a new documentary which details how the government set aside the rule of law in its pursuit of harsh interrogations of suspected terrorists. Continue



Guantanamo 'a Stain on US Military' 

Gitmo Military Prosecutor Breaks His Silence

9 Minute Video Report From The BBC 

Former Lt. Col. Darrel Vandeveld, a former U.S. prosecutor at Guantanamo, told BBC yesterday in his first interview since resigning earlier this year that Guantanamo detainees were treated in a “wrong, unethical and finally, immoral” manner. Watch BBC’s segment:



US Mortgage Boss Denies Any Blame


World Trade To Shrink In 2009, World Bank Says


U.S.: Deal Reached in Principle on $15 Billion Auto Bailout


Naked Historian)">Recessionary and Depression Era Gold (by Tracy Dove, the Naked Historian)


Sharp Falloff in Express Demand to Hurt Shippers; FedEx and Con-Way Warn, and UPS Gets Downgraded by J.P. Morgan


Faced with economic turmoil, media conservatives turn to class warfare


Summary: Even though the crises facing the financial and automotive industries were born primarily of the actions (or inaction) of those in positions of power in private industry and in government, many conservative media figures have assigned blame to specific groups of less wealthy or less influential people -- the poor, minorities, undocumented immigrants, and union members, among others -- disregarding the facts that belie such assignments of blame. More….


Support The Nadler Initiative Against The Planned Bush Blanket ...
By Andrew Yu-Jen Wang(Andrew Yu-Jen Wang) 
George Bush most certainly is. And remember that his administration has been infested with Nixon era cronies like Cheney and Rumsfeld, so it is no surprise that the malfeasance of the Nixon era has been magnified in the last eight years ...


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The Boston - Bay State Banner - Boston,MA,USA
Edward Kennedy said last Friday he is stepping down from his Senate Judiciary Committee post to focus on achieving a breakthrough on health care reform. ...
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