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Some Troubling Thoughts About “The Progressive Movement”.

Some Troubling Thoughts About “The Progressive Movement”.



Peace On Earth From The Open Society Institute


At 6:00 p.m. on Friday, December 19, 2008, Michael Connell was killed when the single-engine Piper Saratoga he was piloting crashed on approach to the Akron-Canton Airport in northeastern Ohio. The plane was about 2.5 miles out when it went down, hitting the ground between two houses in the Stark County city of Uniontown, 10 miles southeast of Akron.

Michael Connell was the information technology expert some activists allege was the mastermind behind the rigging of the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004. Mr. Connell was about to testify in Ohio, where his consulting business is based, about aspects of his vote rigging work in the Buckeye State. The non-profit group Velvet Revolution claims that a "tipster close to the McCain campaign" warned an investigator for the group last Summer that Connell's life was in danger and that he should not fly his plane because of the possibility of sabotage.

In late October of 2002, the twin-engine Beechcraft  King Air A100 carrying liberal Minnesota Democrat Paul Wellstone 
crashed on approach two miles from Eveleth-Virginia Airport in Minnesota, killing Sen. Wellstone, his wife Sheila, their 33-year-old daughter Marcia, and five others people. The 58-year-old Wellstone was campaigning for re-election to his U.S. Senate seat. His death paved the way for his Republican opponent, St. Paul mayor Norm Coleman, to win the election. The National Transportation Safety Board ultimately ruled that pilot error caused the plane crash that killed Wellstone.

On October 16, 2000, then-Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan, his son, and an aide were 
killed when the plane in which they were flying, a Cessna 335, crashed just weeks ahead of the election in which Mr. Carnahan was vying for a U.S. Senate seat against the incumbent Senator, John Ashcroft. Although dead, Carnahan went on to win the election against Ashcroft, whom President George W. Bush would subsequently appoint as United States Attorney General. Jean Carnahan, Mel Carnahan's widow, was appointed to take her late husband's seat in the Senate until a special election in 2002. Carnahan's wife lost the special election to Republican Jim Talent. The National Transportation Safety Board ultimately ruled that the primary cause of the accident that killed Mel Carnahan was disorientation of the pilot, Carnahan's 44-year-old son Roger, who had not long before the crash taken special training to handle flight emergencies involving the Cessna 335.


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Flagged by Amy Harlib, there is real food for thought in this essay.  Personally, I can agree with much that is said here and I find that though I am agreement with much that “Progressives” advocate; I cannot bring myself to identify as a “Progressive” because being a real change agent requires more than complaining, criticizing and “Verbal Advocacy”, and when it comes crossing the line to true confrontational street action, “Progressives” tend to walk away from positions that Sam Adams, Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson would have taken.  I find also that too many of the local organizations have literally been influenced by less than activists, (my definition), infiltration and are willing to turn on their own members who seem to be heading in the direction of more assertive actions.  There is a point at which one has to say” : “Stop Bitching and Act!”, and they are just not going to go there…not my cup of tea, coffee really.  They are like the union member who bitches all the time, and with legitimate basis to do so; they won’t file a grievance or hit the bricks in a strike.  What does that tell you about the true color of many “Progressives”?  That’s my problem with the groups and “movement”!


The big gains by Democrats on Nov. 4, capturing the White House and winning big margins in the House and Senate, were due to a historic convergence of forces.


One factor in a number of battleground states was a highly-funded, coordinated effort among wealthy donors, political activists and organizations that have adopted the term "progressive."


 “Adopted” as in self- assigned, self-defined does not convey any coordinated cohesive force only nebulous ad hoc issue to-issue, election-to-election confederated alliance of contemporaneous expediency, all descriptors that do not depict a well- defined unified agenda or structure for the management and exercise of power.  Such ill defined instrumentalities have a way of becoming divided in time, abusive in their attempts at fund raising and agenda controlled by the power structure of any given organization.  A case in point is which has been totally useless in the cause of impeachment, and even now in its attempt to define an agenda by vote; lobbying is necessary and the outcome of its reporting is not trusted by many…including me.

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Progressives going hypocrite (commentary)

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Case in point right here…the information is valuable; the bitching Gin clear but a plan and call for action is absent…”Aggressive Progressives”…My Ass!  Information is power only when you act on it, not just talk about it!


There's No Such Thing as a "post-inaugural" impeachment


This essay makes a half-truth point, and I am inclined myself to put more energy into post Inaugural efforts against this administration, should there be no Impeachment, into pursuing the road to The Hague and War Crimes action.


Here is an agenda that I can respect and support and I can guarantee you that its accomplishment will not come with the forces of the “Progressives” because the attainment of that agenda will require actions deemed too radical.  I find myself having to remind people again that the challenges that confront this nation are severe and that if we permit the political establishment of Washington to continue business as usual, and if we continue to fight that operation with words, that we will fail.  The results are becoming more obviously catastrophic by the day.  Remember it takes but letter’s change in the word “words” to form the word “sword”.


And yes; I am very angry tonight!

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