Thursday, December 4, 2008

Conversation No. 13: No One Is Denying The Existence of And The Application Of Torture By This Administration...

Conversation No. 13: No One Is Denying The Existence of And The Application Of Torture By This Administration, And Yet No One Has The Courage To Move On Legal Redress…Impeachment And/Or Prosecution For War Crimes!



Retired Officers Meet With Obama Aides on Interrogation Policy

By Peter Finn

Washington Post Staff Writer 
Thursday, December 4, 2008; Page A04


A group of retired military officers opposed to harsh interrogation techniques sanctioned by the Bush administration met with members of President-electBarack Obama's transition team yesterday to press the incoming administration to establish a single, internationally accepted standard for the treatment of detainees by all U.S. government agencies.


Rejecting the Torture Legacy

By Dan Froomkin

Special to 
Wednesday, December 3, 2008; 12:00 PM


Of all the ways the Bush presidency represented a break with traditional American values, none is more shocking or grievous than the countenancing of torture. So it's no surprise that President-elect Barack Obama is under pressure to make the cleanest possible break from Bush's interrogation policies. And at the same time, debate is hot and heavy over how best to bring light and accountability to such a dark period in our history.


The latest push to renounce Bush's legacy is coming from a dozen retired generals and admirals who are meeting with Obama's transition team today.


Pamela Hess writes for the Associated Press: "They are going into the meeting armed with a list of 'things that need to be done and undone,' retired Marine Gen. Joseph Hoar, chief of the U.S. Central Command from 1991 to 1994, said Tuesday in an interview with The Associated Press.


"'It is fairly extensive'"


Randall Mikkelsen writes for Reuters: "Barack Obama should act from the moment of his inauguration to restore a U.S. image battered by allegations of torturing terrorism suspects, said [the] group of retired military leaders. .


"'We need to remove the stain, and the stain is on us, as well as on our reputation overseas,' said retired Vice Adm. Lee Gunn, former Navy inspector general."


The group's list of anti-torture principles “includes making the Army Field Manual the single standard for all U.S. interrogators. The manual requires humane treatment and forbids practices such as waterboarding . . . .







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