Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reporter Proves Publicly That He Doesn’t Know What The Hell He Talks About.

Reporter Proves Publicly That He Doesn’t Know What The Hell He Talks About.

Do you ever have the feeling that the media doesn’t know what it is talking about? I do. With all the second amendment talk this week at the Sotomayor hearings and America becoming an armed camp since the election the topic of firearm ownership and gun control has a habit of popping up every so often in daily conversation and in the media.

I don’t mind an open discussion of the issues, even a debate, though the issue has become narrowed a great deal by The Heller Decision. One of my pet peeves is the fact that the media folks by-in-large don’t have the first clue about firearms.

Just ask them to tell you the difference between a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol like our military side arm. Try to get them to explain what a fully automatic weapon is…you know “The dreaded Assault Rifle”.

Just ask them to identify these weapons. They can’t!

Well, I’ve been carrying around this “Word Doc. File on my laptop for time and tonight I got to prove my thesis. I was have a nice dinner in Old Town Alexandria Virginia when a local reporter who doesn’t care very much for anything I have to say or believe. Now mind you; I am a “Democrat “ and a second Amendment Democrat at that and this guy is a right wing, wing- nut who wants to disarm everyone but the military and the police. Now there is a strange breed of cat!

He couldn’t just make a few snide passing comments before he started his daily Martini swilling. He had to get into this at the annoyance of everyone around us. I’d had and I fired up my laptop and challenged him to identify the fully automatic weapons on the list below. He hesitated so I baited him by telling him he was chick shit mediocre writer and couldn’t tell what end of a firearm to point at anyone which was greeted by much laughter and left him no choice but to take up the challenge or walk away like a whipped dog in public. He asked for it and I made sure everyone heard his every answer. He flunked badly, left for some other watering hole to the pleasure of everyone listening who gave up a round of applause when he left.

Take the quiz yourself and you will see why he ended up embarrassed.

With the Graphic I’ve given you one freebie.

Kalashnikov AK-47



Barrett M-82A1 (XM107)

Browning MK II

Israeli Uzi

Baikal IZH-46M

Beretta AR70/90

Beretta 92FS

Colt Canada C7 rifle

Connemara IW S M

The Plomari Ouzo

Daewoo K2


FN F2000

Heckler & Koch G11

Harman-Kardon HK 3490


FX-05 Xiuhcoatl

RWS 34 Panther

Shimano Crestfire

Stoner 63

Tesla Model S

Colt 1911

Winchester 94

AA 12

Marlin 336C

Mannlicher Schoenauer

Steyr M1912

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