Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Have Killed The English Language; Now How Do We Communicate?

We Have Killed The English Language; Now How Do We Communicate?

One of the problems that we Peace-Anti-War, Pro Impeachment, Justice Hungering Accountability folks have is; we don’t have the vocabulary to communicate our message. That is not to say that we are either intellectually lacking or mediocre wordsmiths.

The problem for everyone, left and right is simply we have worn out all the words in the howling screeching debates. We have turned once powerful evocative words of communication into mere political buzz words. We have hurled the most graphic vocabulary in a never ending thunder storm that has causes no damage and thus is paid no serious attention.

We have educated the populous to the business as usual character assassination of Washington and the demonization of everything we disagree with and seek to change. We have about rendered the English vocabulary useless. We fling such epitaphs as killers, murders, war criminal, culture wars, right wing extremists, lefties, socialists, anarchists, abortionists, anarchists, atheists, communists, terrorists, crimes, lies, lawlessness, corruption, collusion, collaborators, cowards, neo-cons, dictatorship, unconstitutional…etc., that the general public has become inured to their usage and have inoculated themselves to our howling to the point that we are merely a faintly annoying white noise.

We have all lost the war of words; we have worn out the vocabulary leaving the most strident media commentators to become loud mouthed bellowers of invective. We don’t talk; we scream. One day we become immune to “decibel demagoguery”.

Both sides are preaching to their respective choirs and hurling the words of accusation back and forth in some primitive battle akin to medieval exchanges of catapult barrages. Each side cheering its own best salvo of the day; the masses don’t give a damn. They have accepted their impotence, been cowed by fear, and manipulated by everyone they have simply retreated, not into apathy so much as they have collapsed in resignation and acceptance. We are all being given a real coat of white wash and a cranial sponge bath in the “new reality”.

The left doesn’t trust the right; the right doesn’t trust the left; the center doesn’t trust anyone, and no one has one iota of genuine respect for the other. Platitudes, patriotic praise, altruisms and ennobling rhetoric have all become mere political proper exercises of hypocritical free speech.

When you render the words of communication meaningless, when a society becomes devoid of trust, when every institution of governance, education, media and religion has become corrupted of purpose to the point where people have no expectations of grand purposes to be served; held in contempt, devoid of respect, you have fashioned the foundations of hate and violence.

I see a very large pile of bricks being fashioned into something very ugly as man gives way to his darkest impulses and most base depravities. We know that our grand species lacking restraints becomes little more than a raging pack of animalistic killers.

The words of our messages, inured, have facilitated a mindless rejection of almost all messages, the content dismissed so out of hand that no act, no matter how blatant or egregious , the message the truth is now discarded in willful ignorance. Yet we will continue to howl until we hear ourselves screaming, no, no, stop, stop!

It will be too late!

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