Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Last Great Hate

The Last Great Hate

Countless are the dead

In graves unmarked,

Lost in jungles and the deep

Cool repose of oceans and lakes.

Burned beyond recognition and identification

Reduced to atoms wandering unseen.

Countless are the dead

In graves marked with ritual head stones,

Celebrated in story and song,

Comrades in the death of the brave

Honored in valor blind, as acts of reason

Faith, fealty and flag.

Countless are the dead

Made enemies by the color of a uniform

The emblem of a flag, a holy book,

The color of their skin, or a different tongue,

Loyal to an oath prescribed

By those who dictated their demise.

Unspeakable are the atrocities

Of men who tremble

At the words: commonality,

Brothers and sisters in humanity,

Preferring warriors and enemies,

And the bestiality of power.

Unspeakable are the atrocities

Of men who have given

Knowing license to unleashing

The darkest corners of our being

In the name of ennobled killing

And savage desperate depravity.

Unspeakable are the atrocities

Of those who speak

Of the honored warrior,

Slaves to their decrees of destruction,

Marching to the drum beat

Of primeval slaughter.

When The moral war has ended

Who will count up

The unborn killed in the

Wombs of their Mother’s;

Who will explain Why a child

Must live Maimed and in pain.

When the moral war has ended

Who will tell the truth

Of why a Father, Mother or lover

Has died and Why all the medals

And tri corner flag

is more important than life.

When the moral war has ended

And the masters of power Are ashes and dust,

A trillion lives shattered

On their lies of honored sacrifice,

A world no better

Awaiting the last great hate.

We have lost the war,

The war of words, the war of idea,

The war of principle

Because we honor the warrior

Sworn to an order to kill even us;

To uphold the right of barbarism.

We have lost the war,

As somewhere approaching dawn

A rifle is cradled set for the kill,

The aircraft glides to rain death from the sky

And iron vehicles prepare to roll over human flesh

Amid all the fires of hell man can generate.

We have lost the war

To salvage civility from condoned savagery

In name of all that is different,

And like a God we have a self-ordained right

To remake or destroy

Humanity as we see fit.

We have lost the war

In The Last Great Hate.

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