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March On The Pentagon March 21, 2009!





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On the 6th Anniversary of the Iraq War... 
March on the Pentagon 
Saturday, March 21, 2009 

From Iraq to Afghanistan to Palestine,Occupation is a Crime 
Jobs & Education - Not Wars & Occupation 

Gather at 12 noon at 23rd St. & Constitution Ave. NW in Washington, D.C.! 

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Various coalitions, organizations, and networks are joining together in a March 21 National Coalition to bring people from all walks of life and from all cities across the United States to take part in a March on the Pentagon on the sixth anniversary of the Iraq war: Saturday, March 21. 

Simultaneous demonstrations are taking place in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

More than 1,300 organizations and individuals have now endorsed the March 21, 2009, March on the Pentagon to say “Bring the Troops Home NOW!” on the sixth anniversary of the criminal invasion of Iraq. 

The thousands who march will demand “From Iraq to Afghanistan to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime” and “We Need Jobs and Education, Not Wars and Occupation.” They will insist on an end to the war threats and economic sanctions against Iran. They will say no to the illegal U.S. program of detention and torture. 

Members of the March 21 National Coalition and supporters of the March on the Pentagon include: 
- ANSWER Coalition (http://www.answercoalition.org/
- Muslim American Society Freedom 
- National Council of Arab Americans 
- National Assembly to End the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and Occupations (http://www.natassembly.org/
 - Veterans For Peace-National
 - Iraq Veterans Against the War
 - Vietnam Veterans Against the War
 - United States Labor Against the War
 - Free Palestine Alliance
 - Al-Awda, International Palestine Coalition for the Right of Return
 - Ramsey Clark 
 - Cindy Sheehan 
 - San Francisco Labor Council (AFL-CIO)
 - The World Can't Wait 
 - Code Pink 
 - School of the Americas Watch
 - Paul Haggis, Academy-Award winning director and screenwriter 
 - Ron Kovic, Vietnam Veteran
 - Edward Asner, Actor 
 - Mimi Kennedy, Actor and Activist 
 - Elaine Johnson, Gold Star Mother 
 - Colonel Ann Wright, US Army Reserves (Retired) 
 - Lynne Stewart 
 - Tina Richards, Executive Director, Grassroots America 
 - Angola 3 Defense Committee 
 - Herman Wallace, Political Prisoner, Angola Prison, Louisiana 
 - Albert Woodfox, Political Prisoner, Angola Prison, Louisiana 
 - Raul Pacheco, guitarist, Ozomatli 
 - Heidi Boghosian, Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild* 
 - Michael Ratner, President, Center for Constitutional Rights* 
 - Michael Smith, Member of the Board, Center for Constitutional Rights* 
 - Blase and Theresa Bonpane, Office of the Americas 
 - Tina Richards, Executive Director, Grassroots America
 - Eric Mar, San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Chinese Progressive Association*
 - Alameda County (CA) Central Labor Council
 - After Downing Street
 - Progressive Democrats of America 
 - Voters for Peace - U.S. 
 - Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines
 - DAMAYAN Migrant Workers Association
 - Gabriela Network/Mariposa Alliance
 - Alliance for Global Justice
 - Nicaragua Network
 - Venezuela Solidarity Network
 - Partnership for Civil Justice
 - Middle East Children's Alliance
& hundreds of others! 
*for identification purposes only 
Click here to view the Endorsers' List. 


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While millions of families are losing their homes, jobs and healthcare, the real military budget next year will top one trillion dollars--that's $1,000,000,000,000. If used to meet people’s needs, that amount could create 10 million new jobs at $60,000 per year, provide healthcare for everyone who does not have it now, rebuild New Orleans, and repair much of the damage done in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. The cost for the occupation of Iraq alone is $400 million each day, or about $12 billion each month. 

The war in Iraq has killed, wounded or displaced nearly one third of Iraq’s 26 million people. Thousands of U.S. soldiers have been killed, and hundreds of thousands more have suffered severe physical and psychological wounds. The U.S. leaders who have initiated and conducted this criminal war should be tried and jailed for war crimes. 

The war in Afghanistan is expanding. Robert Gates, Bush's defense secretary, who was kept at his post by President Obama, has announced that the troop levels in Afghanistan may double in the coming months. Both he and Vice President Biden predicted higher casualties--or what they cavalierly call "an uptick" in casualties--in the coming period. 

We must also act to end U.S. support for Israel’s on-going war against the Palestinian people. The Bush Administration also gave the green light and provided the weapons and the money for Israel’s recent war against the Palestinian people in Gaza. More than 5,000 Palestinians were killed or wounded; the majority of casualties were civilians, including hundreds of children, in this high tech massacre. And “We the People” paid the bill, as the U.S. provides $2.5 billion a year for Israel’s massive military machine. 

The March 21, 2009, March on the Pentagon will be a critical opportunity to let the new administration in Washington hear the voice of the people demanding an immediate end to wars and occupation, and demanding economic justice. Joint actions will take place on the West Coast in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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Please make an urgently needed donation 

You can help make the upcoming March on the Pentagon a success by making an urgently needed donation right now. We need to raise $100,000 in the weeks leading up to the mobilization in order to pay for leaflets, posters, stickers, placards, and to cover the vast expenses of stage, sound, and bus transportation. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation online using our secure server, where you can also find information on how to donate by check. Thanks for your help - we can't do it without you! 


The March on the Pentagon on Saturday, March 21 is shaping up to be a dramatic and highly significant demonstration. 

Many thousands of people are coming to Washington, D.C. to make their voices heard.


March 21 will culminate in a dramatic direct action where hundreds of coffins—representing the multinational victims of militarism, Empire and corporate greed—will be carried and delivered to the headquarters of the Corporate War Profiteers and Merchants of Death.

From the Pentagon, we will march to the nearby giant corporate offices of Boeing Company,Lockheed Martin Corporation,General Dynamics and KBR (the former subsidiary of Halliburton).

The march will start close to the State Department in Washington, D.C. (assemble at 12 noon at 23rd St. and Constitution Ave. NW).

Please make an urgently needed donation today by clicking this link to donate online through our secure server, where you can also find information on how to donate by check.

These are the Corporate War Profiteers and Merchants of Death. They are the vultures who profit off the death and suffering of the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, and off of the thousands of U.S. soldiers and marines who have died or been wounded in these wars of aggression. They are anti-worker and anti-union.

The march will be led by a large contingent of veterans and family members of veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and from earlier conflicts.


Militarism and Corporate Capitalism

We will march on their slick-and-shiny corporate offices that are located less than a mile from the Pentagon. Their location in the very shadow of the Pentagon speaks volumes about the intimate connection between militarism and corporate capitalism.

When the Pentagon brass retire, they rotate out of their Pentagon offices and directly into the Corporate boardrooms and office suites of the Death Merchants. It is a very cozy and very profitable relationship for the elites—in and out of uniform. They make the profits, others do the bleeding. 

Last year was a great year for the Corporate War Profiteers and Merchants of Death. Profits soared even as the rest of the economy neared collapse. The CEOs of the four corporations that we will be visiting on March 21 received more than $119 million in compensation in 2007 alone (and remember, that's just for four individuals). "We the People" paid the bill for the high tech weapons that were used against occupied people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. The Corporate Executives laughed all the way to the bank while grieving parents and children buried their loved ones from Baghdad to Kabul to Gaza to Detroit. 

A quick examination shows that the CEOs of the Military-Industrial Complex contributed to both the Democratic and Republican Party candidates in almost equal amounts. They favor a system that ensures that politicians will come and go every four years but the military machine—that fusion of industry, banks and the Pentagon brass—will remain as is. 

We Need Jobs & Schools - Not War!

The same banks that are being bailed out to the tune of trillions of dollars even while they foreclose families who can't pay their mortgage debts are double-dipping from the national treasury by making huge profits in their investments in Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and KBR. 

War is just good business for these corporate executives. Every F-16 bomber, attack helicopter, cruise missile and Drone bomber is a source of profit. If the wars stopped they would be out of business. 

The people of this country are fed up with the status quo. They want decent-paying jobs, and affordable health care and housing for all. Students want to study rather than be driven out by soaring tuition rates. People want a complete—not partial—withdrawal of ALL troops from Iraq. They want the war in Afghanistan to end rather than escalate. They are increasingly opposed to sending $2.6 billion each year to Israel. 

People are coming to Washington, D.C. on March 21 from college campuses, high schools, and cities and towns throughout the United States. 

It is time for real change. Unless the movement for change stays in the streets, the powerful corporate and banking interests will certainly dominate the politics of this country. That is unacceptable. That is a path toward endless war and occupation abroad, and a massive transfer of wealth to the already rich at home. 

All out for March 21! Jobs Not War! Schools Not War! Occupation is a Crime! 

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A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition.org

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1247 E St. SE, Washington, DC 20003 · (202) 544-3389
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New York City Office:
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Seattle Office:
1122 E. Pike, #1211, Seattle, 98122 · 206-568-1661

answer@answerseattle.org · http://www.answerseattle.org/


203-606-0319 Connecticut@answercoalition.org  · 


March on the Pentagon - March 21  |  March on Wall Street - April 3 & 4



Bring ALL the Troops Home Now!
End War and Occupation - Iraq, Afghanistan & Palestine!
Money for Human Needs - NOT War!


(2/27/09) The Troops Out Now Coalition condemns the announcement today that Washington plans to keep an occupying force of 50,000 troops in Iraq indefinitely.


In November, the people voted overwhelmingly for an end to war and occupation. The majority of the people of the U.S. - and the world are demanding an end to the war and occupation in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine.


The war against the people of Iraq was launched based on lies about weapons of mass destruction, as a pretext to seize control of the vast oil reserves of the region for the benefit of Wall Street. The Cost of War website estimates that the Iraq war has cost $341.4 million every day - $4,681 per household. On Thursday, the White House announced that it will ask Congress for an additional $75.5 billion this year to pay for war and occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq. This would raise the budget for war for 2009 to $141 billion and increase the Pentagon's 2009 spending to $513.3 billion. This is in addition to the billions of dollars given to Israel every year to continue a brutal war against the Palestinian people.


Right now, more than ever the people need the billions of dollars that are being spent on the illegal occupation of Iraq to be spent on meeting human needs, like jobs, affordable housing, education, and health care. Each day brings news of tens of thousands of layoffs, foreclosures, and evictions. Working people are facing a crisis of historic proportions - we must organize to demand a real bail out for people, not bloated Pentagon budgets and trillion dollar handouts to corrupt CEO's.


Join the Troops Out Now Coalition and many other groups at theMarch on the Pentagon, Saturday March 21 and then...


National March on Wall Street!
Friday, April 3 - when Wall Street is open for business; continuing to Saturday, April 4 - at the Intersection of Wall & Broad Streets (The Stock Exchange).




* Bring ALL the Troops Home Now!
* No new troops to Afghanistan!
* Money for Human Needs Not War!
* End Occupation - Iraq, Afghanistan & Palestine

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