Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Ed. Oped...It Can’t Happen Here; It Can. It Can’t Happen Again; It Can.

It Can’t Happen Here; It Can.  It Can’t Happen Again; It Can.



There are War Criminals, murderers, would be dictators walking amongst us free and we have both the power and the obligation to cause our system of justice to function as it was intended to safe guard this nation.  We have the power and the responsibility to force our elected leaders to perform their sworn duty to us, this nation and to the generations as yet unborn.


Beyond a Reasonable doubt; there exists in already, readably available  documentation sufficient evidentiary material to Impeach, Indict, Convict and Imprison George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and several additional high level officials and employees of the Bush Administration.


A long and exhausting inquiry and investigation would not be required and such an argument to prevent moving of this issue holds not a single drop of the water of truth. The multitude of proposed documents of Impeachment generated, not only by Dennis Kucinich, but by private citizens and organizations provide not only charges and accusations but substantial documentation of undeniable, irrefutable facts as to be sufficient for Impeachment and Civil prosecution.


The growing, post-presidency, revelations and reports, damning documents clearly establish grounds of such misconduct, criminality, Constitutional abuse , violations of all accepted norms of acceptable conduct, morality and International law that the initiating standards of Impeachment, “high Crimes and misdemeanors” in office pale by comparison.  The concepts of misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance in office are dwarfed by the enormity of the assaults against all law all humanity that that the Bush Administration, with premeditation afore-hand and legislative shielding after the facts.


Scholars and researchers have compiled a library of books and research that document more than sufficient evidence for conviction in every forum and jurisdiction of justice to which that administration ought be subjected to and held accountable by. 


The question is not one of is there sufficient grounds for accusation and indictment; there is ample.  The question is not whether sufficient evidence can be gathered to warrant sanction by impeachment or conviction in a court of law, including The Hague; it is already on the table in sufficient quantity and quality.


The real issue would seem to dissolve down into the lesser spoken of, and I believe, a deeper seated fear on the part of those who must exercise the process of judicial application; that of their own complicity and collaboration in the decision making process by word and vote, and inevitably, if the entire house of cards folds and a majority of the truth is exposed; to what degree may they become legally and electorally held to account.  A fearful uncertainty to be sure and the primary reason that many of our Congressional actors merely play, posture, curry momentary electoral favor and then withdraw in “convenient excuse”.


On part the larger issues remain as they have been from the start; justice, accountability, the truth, righting the ship of state, destroying the tools of “The Imperial Presidency, awakening the American public to taking the stand where they become fully engaged in the process of the restoration and reclamation of the republic, to say nothing of salvaging the reputation of this nation and being able to look future generations in the eye with our integrity having acted upon our words and not having debased those words with mere lip service patriotism.


Courage can be costly for a few; inaction deadly for many.  It is a choice that must be made.  We cannot expect the few to sacrifice potentially all for the many, for without the many marching in unison behind them their sacrifice for principle will have been in vain and we all will have failed.  We will become the lost and the damned.


Those who would pursue the path of the righteous, the walkways of truth, the staircase to justice and the halls of judgment and vindication will as a matter of conscience not be deterred by the corrosion of systematic corruption and fear-induced cowardice.  They may lose all if the many prefer the route of Judas, and in the end that those who do may suffer Judas end by their choosing or the dictates of those who were not  brought to justice but were empowered to devour any and all who either questioned about them or uttered an ill word towards them.


There is not a case to be made; there is a case to be heard…it is that simple, that clear, and argument of situational ethics, inconvenience, and exceptionalism cannot be made.


Let it not be written again; “That when they came for……”


It Can’t Happen Here; It Can.  It Can’t Happen Again; It Can.


Ed. Dickau 

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