Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It Is Time To Face The Facts, Get Off Our Asses And Really Fight Face-To-Face!

It Is Time To Face The Facts, Get Off Our Asses And Really Fight Face-To-Face!

This email arrived from long time friend and political consultant in Columbus, Ohio. I share it in full!

The Town Hall Meeting disruptions need to be taken seriously and engaged from our side, and I don’t mean here in cyber space. It is time to come face-to-face with these bastards and have it in front of the media cameras. And if a few of us get arrested; so what!

Just look at it. These folks represent an organized opposition and i don’t care if folks want ascribe a large roll to Fox and other such entities. It doesn’t matter and it is not productive to merely beat our chests and call them names. It is time to go those meetings and raise a Fuss And A Ruckus…what I call a “FUCKUS”. No more weekend theater and intellectualizing the fight..just bare knuckles.

This email arrived from a excellent political consultant that was employed early by the Sherrod Brown Senate Campaign. He points out the tactics of the conservative right Republicans and their friends from paid lobbying firms working for health insurers and other opponents of reform that want no change in how this country. The health care reform issue is not new as we have been discussing this for the past 30 years that I have been involved in the national and state government. It is important that all of us attend the town hall meetings of the Congress members in our Congressional District and speak our minds and not just the paid lobbyists and special interest groups – for we are the special interest of the Congressional member.



I urge you to take a few moments to read the attached memo from a far-right activist in CT, covering the "best practices" for disrupting town hall meetings held by members of congress.

Their goal is not only to stifle rational discussion, but to whip up anger at the "socialist agenda."

I have been blown away to see how organized and effective these right-wing grassroots groups have been, at dominating public events from coast to coast in recent days, in shaping news coverage of the events to make their anger and positions seem more popular than they are (she the news clips attached by the memo's author). I'm also stunned that she is reading and applying Saul Alinsky.

I'm afraid to consider the fact that despite the tremendous and unprecedented grassroots effort that put Obama in office, we are getting out organized.

Perhaps the reports are true that many of these groups are being supported by paid lobbying firms working for health insurers and other opponents of reform, and that they are busing in paid agitators to many of these events. Regardless, it's never been clearer to me how fragile our democracy is, and how urgent it is for us to go deeper than the electoral organizing that is focused on short term turnout and persuasion. We need something much more potent - a movement for social justice that isn't lodged in institutions of power and fraught with compromise.

That's my two cents, and I'd love to hear yours.


ICYMI: Some quick background here:

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